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tv   Charlie Rose  WETA  October 22, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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with the most up to date analysis of the presidential debate.
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captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose.
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ivan the greatest national security threat we face. russia does continue to battle us in the u.n. time and time again, i won't wear rose colored glasses or mr. putin and i won't say to himly give you more flexibility after the election. >> one of the challenges over the decade is we have done experiments in nation building in places like iraq and afghanistan and we have neglected for example developing our own economy, our own energy sectors, our own education system. >> in order to be able to fulfill our role in the world, america must be strong, america
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must lead and for that to happen we have to strengthen our economy here at home. >> he doesn't have different ideas and that is because we are doing exactly what we should be doing, come on our web site and look at how we get to a balanced budget, within eight to ten years and we do it by reducing spending in a whole series of programs. >> it just doesn't work, and we visited the web site quite a bit, and it still doesn't work. >> let me get back to foreign policy. and can i just get back. >> we have to the venue then our military long-term, we don't know what the world will throw at us. we make decisions in the military that will confront challenges we can't imagine. >> i think governor romney maybe hasn't spent enough time to look at how the military works. >> you mentioned the navy and we have fewer ships than we did in 1916, well, governor we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. >> from the very beginning the obama campaigned four years and
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met with all of the first actors in the first year he would sit down with chavez and kim jung il, with castro, and with president ahmadinejad of iran. >> nothing governor romney just said is true. starting with this notion of me apologizing. >> this has been probably the biggest whopper that has been told during the c campaign. >> joining me in new york is tina brown, editor in chief of the daily beast. peep.
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very disappointing. >> talking about europe and stuff -- >> rose: you can say it affects the u.s. economy and the economic recovery or threatens the u.s. economy if they can't get it right. >> there is also the one moment in which the president, romney kept saying, look, you can attack me but that is not a proposal for the future, did that score? what was the best line that romney had during the evening? anybody? >> you can't attack me was clearly his go to line. >> rose: right. >> if the president attacked,
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other than that, i can't think of any real standout lines that governor romney had. i don't think he wanted the zingers, i think he stayed away from that, he was just playing it very safe. obviously, president obama had a few good zingers, the one about the bayonets and horses when they started talking about nuclear submarines that was probably one of the lines of the night. >> >> rose: gwen, go ahead. >> a lot of good lines. i think the point that governor romney wanted to make over and over is the world is in greater tumult is the word he kept using than four years ago, we are closer to, closer to nuclear bomb in iran, al qaeda is back, in fact one of the interesting things about the night is how mild he was in these kind of more in sadness than anger if you are checking your e-mail through the debate the press releases and the tweets his campaign was accepting out, much
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harsher, much harsher in tone than the governor on the stage and i am sure that was by design. >> charlie, i will come right back. >> mitt romney sounded very naive in his tumult schtick he kept doing when he said the middle east is in flames and at of this extremism and nothing has been done about it, what is the president of the united states really supposed to do about all of the extremists. it is ridiculous. >> charlie -- >> rose: yes, al. >> charlie, i am just going to say when talking about effective line going to martha's point the reason the bayonets and horses line was good, not only a nice line but it had some substance to it, when romney says one of the areas he tried to differentiate himself was on defense spending, smallest navy since 1916 that is true but in 1916 of course we didn't have nimitz class nuclear aircraft carrier that can reach targets 1,000 miles away that is more relevant so i think that is why
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that line work. i don't think this debate changes the basic dynamics but to go to tina's earlier point, mitt romney did do a rope a dope and in denver i thought that barack obama did a rope a dope, what they both ignored in the history of rope a dope is, muhammad ali pummelled the heck out of somebody for eight round before he started rope a doping, these guys did not. >> rose: let me go to chuck todd did you see this coming in anyway? >> >> well, you don't think it was clear, yes, this was clearly going to be the romney strategy and we should give -- romney's best zinger if we give him one, we know what the obama is, bayonet is the putin line when it looked like he was ready to go and ready to go at putin when he said, you know, you wanted more flexibility and i think the line was he will get more after the election, putin will get more backbone, overall it was clear the romney folks absolutely believe they think if they are ahead or not ahead they think they are going to be ahead, right? but i tell you if
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they wanted the commander in chief bar well they cleared the bar but they did it barely, they could have tried to clear it by a lot, which i think candidate obama tried to do against john mccain four years ago, mitt romney chose to barely clear it. >> rose: how would they have done it better, chuck? >> oh, i think that it would have been a little clearer trying to understand, you know, how about the basics of when would a mitt romney, a romney administration use force? we really don't have the answer to that question. we still don't have the answer to that question. what is -- i thought it was for the first time, we did here because i asked romney this question about mubarek and by the way the number rec decision is one of the most quons consequential decisions this president made and it is going to be historically a consequential decision, especially if the united states president is ever faced with this in a saudi arabia, for instance, and for the first time when romney hugged him on that, i went, wow, because romney has come this close to saying i wouldn't have done that. he threw our allies under the
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bus, that has been a talking point of romney and, boy not only did he backtrack from that, he said you know what? i would have done the same thing as the president and that one floored me. >> that was -- >> rose: john dickerson. >> charlie, one thing about the horses and bayonets line, i think al is exactly right there was substance to the barb, but we should just bring in the other, we were talking about ohio let a let's talk about virginia and the number one recipient of money for defense spending the southeastern portion of the state a lot of ship building, 45 percent of the hampton roads area of the economy comes from defense spending, so romney may have lost it on the policy there but he may have the politics right in terms of his defense spending, i would circle back o the issue of women. the number of time they both talked about rights for women in the middle east they kept come back to that and there was clearly an effort to go for women when they went into that,
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into that cull again sack on domestic, cul-de-sac on domestic policy they went back to. when romney talked about bipartisan solution and in massachusetts on education that was sort of a three for on the pandering to women front, so there was a lot of mess sick in domestic .. a lot of domestic politics embedded into what was supposed to be a foreign policy debate. >> rose: mark and john, how are the romney people spinning this after the debate? >> well, they executed their plan, some of our colleagues disagree with the plan, they executed the plan they wanted to, both candidates were trying to do what they always try, bale to the base and swing voters and if you look at the reaction to the republican base they are very happy, 90 wasn't flustered and stood up and picked his spots where he would stand up to the president and disagree, i don't think there is any
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disappoint on this term he agreed with the president a lot, the goal was to be the reassuring, to show that he could be a commander in chief and in the trifecta of all three-s i don't think governor romney had moments where he said, oh, no this guy is unacceptable, i thought he started surprisingly nervous and i thought after a few answers he found his footing, if this were on foreign relations up or down, american idol poll he would be creamed, his foreign policy advisors, his foreign policy apparatus, his own foreign boil statements are about as weak and inconsistent and unrigorous as any i have covered in a presidential campaign, i am not sure if that matters in the 90 minutes or in the context of what this election is about as much as tina and i both said on is standing on the stage and appearing presidential and looking the part, if the president comes hard at him and not backing down. >> look there is one other thing on the question, there is one other thing on the question of reassuring, to try to put as fine a point on this as possible, governor romney
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basically all night tonight said one thing, the overarching theme of the entire debate from his point of view is, i would basically have the same policies as barack obama, i just would execute them better, and that goes to one very specific thing which the president obama campaign is advertising on right now which is the end of the war, you know we have a country that is a very war wary country and not just women but everybody across-the-board but one of the dangerous, dangers governor romney had in the past because he has been surrounded by some innocence of neoconservative foreign advisors and made harsh and bellicose statements chuck talked about the number rec thing there have been other places where he seemed to be more interventionist and more neoconist and he steered clear saying i am kind of with the president on the substance of the policy i just would be a better ex-cure of it, i would be a better manage or, manager of, and he seemed not to be a warmonger to put it bluntly and to seem like a safe pair of
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hands, to do the reassurance mark is talking about, as a plausible commander in chief and a commander of chief that won't plunge disbiews a bunch of foreign adventures and entanglements that would scare off a bunch of american voters if it seemed he was a risky choice in that regard. >> when he talked about the debate, but i think you are right, he just came up with wildly applause can believe, that's all he had to be is wildly plausible. >> rose: do you agree with that? >> the one thing i would say about all of this talk about war, absolutely they wanted to talk about peace, president obama talked about veterans coming home but if you want to talk about a commander in chief the country is still at war and still have thousands and thousands of troops in aflg for the next, afghanistan for the next couple of years, nobody wants to talk about war but the fact is we are still at war into so what would be the indictment of obama foreign policy that romney did not make, martha? >> i don't think he really made
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any indictment of obama's foreign policy. >> rose: i know but if he wanted to go down that road, what would he have said? >> i think what he would have said is he would talk about solutions. what are you going to do different? what are you going to do to make things better, pakistan, what are you going to do to make things better in pakistan? what are you going to do to make the a kwan any network stop coming over the borders in afghanistan and killing our troops? those are the answers i wanted. i wanted to know about the drone policy. president obama didn't really talk about the drones at all, they never really say drones, but you should really ask questions about whether you should be able to kill people without a judicial rose, the american public should be able to debate that and i would have talked about that if i were mitt romney to president obama. >> rose: john dickerson -- >> charlie. >> rose: okay, gwen first. >> okay, two completely different debates, ho however, t was a debate, that was a two for one policy debate martha is laying out there which -- in fact bob schieffer asked mitt
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romney about drones but didn't ask the president about drones, assuming everyone knew he thinks it is a good idea so that was not -- that was that is what this debate was, it was a 47, 47, 48, 49 poll you are looking at backdrop, these guys walked into the stage tonight and one of them wanted to keep it going the way it has been going and that is mitt romney, which is to say with the wind at his back and the other guy wanted to staunch any damage and send a signal to folks out there who are his supporters to rev them up and get them excited, there were a couple of moments where they drip away and think to myself, if this same behavior had occurred at the first debate that is to say the president came out of the box punching and governor romney had laid-back and said i agree with you, how different this campaign would be today, we do not think it would look the same way it does tonight. but suppose romney had a very good debate in the second debate and, you know, played it equally strong tonight? would he have a better, would he be in a better place than he is?
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>> i don't know we are going down the hypothetical road that governor romney didn't take. i think it is possible that is how close the race is, it could have been very different. >> rose: i have thi in this for all of you. you used the expression romney has the wind at his back is that where the race is, romney has the win at his back, the momentum is with him? because we they that in races like that where you are running against an incumbent if you are the challenger, and undecided generally break if it is if it is this close to the challenger, john. >> i think he does have the wi
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ib meas stand by. please stand by. john?>> just r
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question about, yes, to come back to your question about where the race stands right now and where the momentum is, i think that john dickerson may have overstated i can't the romney campaign feels things are just a little bit in the sense, i don't think they are ahead by seven points, but i do think that they looked at the nbc wall street journal number and saw the race tied at 47, and they looked at that number and said, you know, 47 is a bad number for an incumbent at this point and they feel like they are making progress across the battleground states and although that progress is not enormous in the battleground states it is measurable and i can't point to right now a state where president obama's position is improving, he is holding governor romney off right now, obama campaign is playing defense right now, they have structural advantages they have demographic advantages, they have ground game advantages, in
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some of these states that may be enough to hold off the momentum that governor romney has in those states and i would still make him a narrow favorite to win, president obama is, but they are playing defense now, like i say there is not a state anybody can name where president obama is on the march, and so, i think governor romney does feel like he has got the wind at his back and that there is nothing that i think will come out of this debate as though whatever the instant polls say and whatever the pundits say and experts say there is nothing happening in the battleground states and happened tonight that will stop them from making the incremental gains they have been making over the last month in the states. >> if you look at the totality of the data we are getting, reports with both campaigns with independents analysts work done in other campaigns not directly aligned with the presidential campaign you would say zero most of the data an most of the touch and feel most of our spider sense says romney is moving and that he may be in a position to win the bulk of the battle ground states, the president has
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three things to look at to say things are not that dire. one is, he has got a floor and in most of these states his floor is pretty high and his national number is pretty high. he doesn't have very much, he is not collapsed he is not hemorrhaging people, number 2, he has got a superior ground game and they are very confident a lot of these states even in the state we are in now, florida they are going to get additional points on banking early votes, banking absentee ballots and turning people out on election day and a lot of these state polls and the polls can tell you different things but in a lot of the battle ground state polls the president still has a small but they say stable lead and those three things together are not nothing, but they are fighting the current of most of the other data all of russ getting. >> rose: okay -- >> charlie, can i jump in, i also want to ask swoon and mark a question, when i look at that data from battleground states go quite agree, i think new hampshire, wisconsin, iowa, nevada the president looks in pretty good shape compared to governor romney, i do think ohio
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is in the ball game and out there last week and i think democrats were slightly more optimistic, but i think the key and mark touched on it the i want to ask john and mark this because they do a lot more reporting than i do in this, i think the key is whether the infrastructure, the ground game, everything the obama people really have put in place really does give them a little bit of an advantage, some republicans say common sense, it is different in time than '08 and the obama say no we were light years ahead of where we were, i think a place like high owe is going to be the ball game and what do mark and john think about. >> rose: and then i want to go to gwen and john dickerson. >> it is the ball became, it is the enthusiasm gapped is not wide because the mechanics is superior for the democrats, i think by every method the biggest thing that ever has been built live is an enthusiasm gap the low propensity voters that make up a huge portion of the electorate the president needs to turn out, young people, hispanic and african-american voters, single women, if their
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enthusiasm is down so, down so low the it doesn't turn them out in efficient numbers the mechanics don't matter, if the gap is lower and that's why appealing to the base is so important, then i think governor romney can overwhelm with inferior logistics the president's superior forces just because his people are motivated to vote to turn out the president. >> i agree wiwill of that and i will just add, i will just add in particular, i think it is true in ohio which is just to say that the ground game that they have there is very, very strong, and it is supplemented by the fact that, and you can't say this enough times, you know, ohio is the one state in america with organized labor is actually argu organized and so on top of the obama campaign's work there, there is a labor turnout machine in ohio that can move the needle and as mark said, as long as it doesn't get swamped and not too big of a disparity in enthusiasm
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they feel confident about and they have a right to feel confident about and as al said, high owe is the ball game, if romney doesn't win there, it is hard to win the country. >> rose: john dickerson, the ground game? >> well, go ahead, sorry. >> no, go ahead. >> sorry i lost you there for just a second, but just in terms of the, you know, we know the democrats va the better ground game in st places, republicans of course would challenge that, because they have to have the better ground game because democrats don't turn out or as well as republicans do, guy back to the early vote ground game means a lot more when we have three weeks to vote, it is just about just making sure people get out on election at a it is make make sure they vote in the first few days they can early vote and if they haven't voted because you can check their names, the name on your list against the name of the secretary of state releases you check if the person has voted if not you visit their house if they don't answer the door you call them, you get them, you drag them to the polls in one fashion or another and that is where ground game really matters, we always hear a lot
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about ground game and then it kind of doesn't turned out sometimes to be as great as expected but now with early voting in the states, particularly in ohio, that is where it really matters and where the obama team has been intensive, now in other states like virginia, i think the republicans have a better case to make forking with able to fight parity or something close to that with the obama team. >> rose: gwen -- >> charlie. >> yes.? a. go ahead.>> rose: no, you ze. >> i am just going to say, charlie, the other part of this ground game is being able to speak to your base and get them to show up. it is not just putting them in the car and drive them to poll it is getting them to believe in you again so when you saw the president tonight part of what they were doing is speaking to their own crowds and saying this is who i can be and maybe in mitt romney's case he was speaking across the line to the other side, women who are giving him a second or third look after the first couple of debates but in the case of president obama, i don't know if anybody else noticed what he flat out said tonight there will be no sequester, that has been something that president -- that
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governor romney has talked about repeatedly on the campaign trail he talked about how the president is hurting the defense, is hurting definite, which plays out well in virginia, and he is doing it because of this se questionser the, the across-the-board budget cuts that will take effect at the end of the year and it seems as if the president has been sitting at home watching the tapes and getting angrier and angrier about that argument which is because he is of course a congressional action, not something he has sponsored, between that and the apology tour response, it seems that if the president came low loaded forebear for a couple of things he has been wishing he had a chance to fight back on, each and every time and they went to it even if that was not the question on the table. >> to john's point about the enthusiasm gap, though, that affects things i actually do think that romney managed to sort of take out the fear factor in that debate so i don't think that people are going to be as afraid of romney, people who
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might have been thinking i am going run to the polls and vote against romney may not decide to do that now because i think he did successfully lower the fear factor. you know coopting all of his positions, being mr. reasonable and mr. plausible it really wasn't a scary performance so people who are not as engrossed in politics might think well he is not really so bad, i don't have to worry about him. >> >> rose: there is also this idea, everything i have been reading says the america wants barack obama to lay out what he intend to do in the second term, that voters are disappointed, they haven't heard that. but he didn't seem to address that tonight either, and they were using this debate to go wherever they wanted to go, why doesn't he try to meet that objection to his candidacy? >> he did try a little bit tonight, charlie, it is just when people say they don't fine it that nourishing,. >> rose: but don't like it or what? >> yes, heard themable, he heard them, he went to manufacturing he did the manufacturing, he did the education, he did the infrastructure, i mean, the real
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case he should make, but he doesn't want to because hard choices will have to be made by whoever is in office. >> rose: right. >> we live in a time of scarcity, the government is too large, there is going to be a -- a knife is going to be used. who do you trust when that knife is being wielded? the real estate who is saying i will cut in a way that will not nick any major arteries and the middle class will be largely protected so that the my can grow? but the predicate for that argument is there is going to be a lot of pain coming and you don't want to go into an election saying hey, i am going to sock it to you, they are both ignoring the fact the context for the governing they are going to do is governing in which there is going to be hard choices and pain or those hard choices are going to be brought a to us if u believe the fiscal conditions is as dire as people say. >> rose: do i hear you saying john if you are running for high office you should say to the country, you should elect me because i am going to hurt you? >> right, yes. it is exactly mondale as you know. >> that worked so well for walter mondale. >> he did a fabulous job of that and no one ever said -- and of
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course they all boast about making hard choices, remember when paul ryan was chosen the idea was this is going to be the hard choices ticket. >> rose:. >> but no one will articulate what the hard choices are. >> rose: yes, albert. >> rose: but not pain. guarantee you you are in tumult when you are in pain. >> i will pick up on a point that mark or john made, i get confused, i can't tell which is which but one made a point about the enthusiasm gap that is terribly important if you look at that nbc wall street journal poll which i in i have as credible as any poll in the world because i created it a few years ago, if you look at registered voters obama has a five-point advantage the trick for obama is to take a few of that margin and turn them into actual voters, that's the trick and that's where infrastructure, ground game and at least a modicum of enthusiasm i think will determine the ball game. >> rose: mark and john, where
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does it go tonight? after this debateable and you both seem to say or everybody seems to say while obama may have won but romney pot what he intended to do, he played out and executed his game plan, so if it doesn't have any impact on the race as some people thought it might possibly, what has impact between now and election day? >> john? mark? >> well, look, i mean, one thing, one thing you can't forget, charlie, that no one probably does forget but if they are ever prone to, they shouldn't, is that in this homestretch, barack obama is going to be a better political performer than mitt romney, he is going to give better speeches, he is going to give more rouses speeches he is going to have better crowds, that is not governor romney won't have big crowds but i just don't believe you are going to see the kind of -- this is what his big event in swing states actually matter, because they are not
11:46 pm
just for television, which they are, but they are also opportunities that the obama campaign uses to mobilize voters, to continue to work their magic o on the ground and president obama is going to be in places that the last two weeks he is going to be in swing states with bill clinton, the two biggest names in american politics are going to dramas receive crowds at various places you can just predict it it is going to be true and governor romney may turn out healthy crowds but i find it hard to imagine that you are going to have the same kind of, just as purely at the level of those kind of events, at those kind of numbers of people you are going to have, i believe you are going to have a pretty decent disparity between those two, in fact, that stuff which is normally doesn't matter that much like stunt performance doesn't matter that much in the total vote totals but those that are going to be razor close that could make a big difference in my view. >> one hinges that may play a role here, is 1:30 second ads that breakthrough, either from
11:47 pm
the campaigns themselves, super pacs or some of the outside grounds that could make a difference, the other is long form advertising, recall the last time the president had must have to do an hour in prime time, kind of like a documentary. >> rose: right. >> i think we will see some long form stuff on cable or maybe even on broadcast that could breakthrough. you may see some endorsements, general powell, somebody dominates the news psyched. >>able that way and the real thing to decide it if they fer if they think mitt romney is a choice tonight. coherent on foreign policy, no, but as people start to make this decision do they look at him over the last two weeks as someone who closes strong and a has his voice, that is right, president obama will a better performer, he will have a more rock star feel to them but governor romneys closes in a way the way voters see him now and say you know what? i am willing to take a chance on a different guy or not. >> charlie, let me jump in. >> rose:.
11:48 pm
>> why mark halperin hates, i don't understand why mark halperin hates the council on foreign relations so much, but decides his anti-council bias, you know the other thing that is possible and it can't be discounted is the possibility there will be some news story that cops out in the next few weeks that has an appreciable look on the outcome, it doesn't happen that often but you have a campaign in the obama campaign that spent a lot of time doing a lot of research on governor romney, run by matt rhodes the campaign manager there who is by training an opposition researcher, i am not predicting this, i am just saying it is a possibility that one of the two campaigns still has one piece of opposition research in their bag, that they will pull out in the last two weeks and also possible that a story will just emerge organically, you can't forget that in 2000, the story about governor bush is dui actually had an effect at the end, at least if you believe karl rove it actually moved the needle significantly in terms of the popular vote at the end of 2000 and it is always possible a
11:49 pm
story like that will appear over the next two weeks that will take us all by surprise and actually have an effect. >> rose: john dickerson -- >> charlie, i bet -- >> rose:. >> let me go to john dickerson. >> what does romney have to do? put it in terms of if obama is going to have all of this sort of superb campaign crowds and everything else and he and former president clinton are going to be sweeping around the swing states together, what is it that governor romney has to do and is part of it simply to create the notion that he has a real chance and that momentum is with him because people want to go with a winner? >> well i think he has to do -- i think he has to basically argue the lines for his, his events are almost as long as the lines at the job fairs, i mean you have to use the weight of the events and all of these -- this, you know, the rock star obama against him, to argue that yes, he may turn out these huge
11:50 pm
crowds but you remember the crowds and the rhetoric and the bill clinton and the bruce springsteen at the end and you want four more years of that, that the beauty and the rhetoric of the campaign event which has been said many times, president obama is much better at that, and when he find his voice as he did with his little romney esia he couldn't have been more pleased with himself. and that is, infectious. >> rose: ha, ha, ha. >> that is a candidate that looks like he has the wind at his back and there is something to it in the sense of mojo. >> and also the secret sauce it really is. >> rose: especially if in at the warmed up by bruce springsteen. go ahead. >> and just basically, finally, you know, make the case that all of this, everybody you everything you are going to see he will argue in the final two weeks that looks liken theus yasm for obama will do nothing to improve your life and that is the way, you know, that he has to try and use that against him, because he will -- he won't be able to match what obama is doing in terms of just the
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theatrics of the final campaign. >> rose: gwen, what do you think the undecides are looking for? what question do they need answered? >> well, i am like mark, i adore the council for foreign relations, this is why. here is the thing. this is what debates do and this is how -- >> rose: tina likes it too. >> go ahead. >> is that you can take, you can take the information, debates we now have these three debates under our belts, they are fodder, what these guys said are on the record and you can use them and turn it into an ad and turn it into a live on the campaign trail and i can see romney esia making a comeback on tonight's performance, for instance and if you find a way, either one of them to use what they accumulated from knees debates the way these candidates chose to respond, the things 3 said which were not what they said before, or overstate what this they have done or would do, we heard governor romney on the stump this week saying isn't it
11:52 pm
a shame the president hasn't talked to you about what is going to happen in the next four years. >> rose: right. >> i think you can see all of that as fodder for the next couple, 14, 15 days, because anything they can do, which can grab the imagination of these unenthused voters and make them say, okay i will go out and vote, that request also turn this election, it is so close. >> rose: al what is the unanswered question right now in terms of where they might be, dine mitchell in action? >> fo for example is it somethig like the future, where does obama want to take us, that kind of thing? is there something else i am missing here that is playing a vital role in the conversation that will take place between now and election day? >> charlie, i think it is really rather simple, who is going to make life a little bit better for me, a little bit better than it has been over the last two or three-year, who is going to have my back, who is going to protect the middle class? and i think obama as done better than romney on the middle class but he
11:53 pm
certainly hasn't done well and say here is why it is going to be better for you in the next couple of years, i think the jury is still out among the signaling group of persuadables but that is what h he has to dof he wants to go in and i agree with what someone says a moment ago, john dickerson what romney has to do, no it is not going to be better unless you elect me. >> rose: has social media played a big role in this campaign? do you know? >> i think, you know, tapes have, i mean, up more, something. >> rose: the 47 percent. >> the 47 percent tape is one of those terminal movement moments that can happen in a campaignness like reverend wright came for obama last time or the bitter gate tape last time but i think these matchups and these kind of sound bites on jon stewart are the things that are the deadly boomerang thing for candidate, more than the social media piece of it. it is still the tv clips. >> rose: thank you for coming, great to have you here. tina brown from newsweek and the daily beast, thank you, gwen, as
11:54 pm
always. >> thank you. >> thank you, charlie. hey, charlie, michelle obama said on the campaign trail the next 15 days is going to feel long. for whom? >> rose: john dickerson, thank you for doing double duty for us from cbs to come over here, as always, thank you. >> thank you, charlie. >> rose: mark, john, thank you. as always. >> thank you, charlie. thank you, charlie. >> rose: and albert, last word to you. >> we have concluded here, every night that there has been a debate we have been here live holding the fort these have certainly been and industry less than 20 seconds, memorable debates than in the past, have they not? taken as a hole? >> i agree, charlie, they have been among the most memorable ever and i thank you we have had fund fun on this and yahweh to see halperin at the council for foreign relations. >> rose: i can't wait to see what happens tomorrow, thank you all it has been a pleasure, thank you at home. see you next time.
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